Targetted sessions

First things first, the new season begins tomorrow! Yay! I've really had enough of off-season for this season.

This season, every game, I'm going to go with one thing that I want to work on for each of offense and defense. I'm going to stick with it, for as long as I need to. Until, I'm satisfied.

Defense: Mark better. Move my feet more than what I do. Be on the move, while on the mark, rather than stand and lean over. I'll keep posting on things I discover, and try to make it "measurable".

Offense: "Just catch!". I'm going to get more natural while catching, and not get very conscious about the mechanics. I think the mechanics need to be fixed during practice, but in the game, I need to just catch! Focus on attacking the disc, and getting it before your opponent or before it hits the ground. Simple.

Have a good season, folks! Cheers!

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