Recover quick!

Quarter finals, Bangalore: We barely made into, and were elated about being in. Its the first half and we catch-up to 4-5 after we were trailing by a bigger margin. After some good defense, we are on O, and we make some nice moves to move up to the end zone, and I ask for a disc that I didn't really have. A man is on me, but the disc reaches before him, and I put it down, in the endzone! The game went on; my team wasn't mad at me and continued playing hard, but we lost the game 8-9. The catch was a crucial one, that I think cost us the game. I sat out for most of the rest of the game. Others covered for me, even when we had a really tiny squad.

Everybody makes mistakes. Great players, included. But, what makes them great is that they put their mistakes behind them very quickly, atleast in the short term and move on. I think I've seen some of the players, even let their mistakes push them into "the zone", performing a few notches above what they were, before they made that silly drop or made that wild throw. Like its important to recover physically, in as short time as possible to be a good player/athlete (we can talk about that in another post, someday), its also important to atleast get over your mistakes in the short term (if not be motivated, by them) and continue to play for the team.

Son, you dropped a simple catch? This is your chance for that psycho layout D! Err, but recoverr...

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