If you touch it, you should catch it.

This is a random post on getting better at catching.

Yesterday's game: Light vs. Dark. Score-line: 2-11 & 2-4. A very lopsided game. For the record, I was in the light/white team. What went wrong? A lot of things, we were getting a lot of our basics wrong and the opposition was capitalizing on every small mistake we made. We were getting broken, left, right and center; Getting beaten on the open side; and worst of all dropping simple catches -- unforced turnovers! I'm guilty of a couple.

I think the opposition was running hard in D and putting a lot of pressure on us, but most of the catches that were dropped, seemed to me like the players were thinking of where they'll put the disc next, even before they got the disc in their hands. Like they say, you should be watching the disc into your hands, while catching it. Set yourself, look around and put it, where you want to!

These are some of the things, I think would help avoid silly drops --

  • Watch the disc into your hands, and catch it!
  • Don't begin to think of your throw, before the catch. Worse, don't let yourself think about the fight you had with your boyfriend on the previous night.
  • Get comfortable with having the disc in your hands.
  • Even if you are just a cutter, develop a reasonable arsenal of throws, so you feel more comfortable getting the disc into your hands and passing it onto the handler.

Lot more tips in this issue of the huddle.

"If you touch it, you should catch it." -- Bill Burruss

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