Having heroes that you look up-to, and emulate, is a big deal.

This is the one big piece of advice we got from Kayleigh, during dinner on Friday. Kayleigh and Willis have left Mumbai after a busy couple of months here, working extremely hard to teach us everything they could, in the little time available. Thanks a ton!

Kayleigh asked us, as beginners to watch (videos of) a lot of players and pick players that appeal to us the most as heroes to emulate. Pick players with the plays that you find most beautiful, as heroes and try to emulate that aspect of the game, each time you are practicing and executing that play. Pick players with a physique that's not too different from yours. Watch players flick and throw backhands, pivot, layout, bust deep, mark, and pick the player that you find the most beautiful and keep trying to emulate them, over and over. I think it's worth emulating players in the way they train, they conduct themselves on and off the field, and the way they interact with their teammates and opponents...

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