Force Backhand

I need to practice forcing backhand, since we don't do it too often.

In general, our team forces flick/forehand, because it's a harder throw (for beginners) than the backhand throw. But, advanced players usually seem to have as good a forehand flick, if not better, than the backhand. We were practicing forcing backhand, yesterday. As expected, our marks were not as good as they were, when we were forcing forehand. I was marking on the wrong side on a couple of occasions, and the mess-up lead to our opposition scoring, pretty easily. But, surprisingly, even our opposition seemed not ready to be forced backhand and took a while to adjust to the mark!

Anyway, I realized it helps a lot to remind myself what the mark is, at the start of every point, and to translate that to, me facing home/away. Since the flick is a quicker throw than the backhand, when forcing backhand, we should be standing a little more towards the break-side than we would be if we were forcing flick -- our right shoulder in line with their right shoulder (assuming the thrower is right-handed).

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