Catch Your D's

In Tuesday's match, I got a couple of good D's, or so I thought, until I saw that the discs that I smacked away, didn't actually go crashing into the ground, but instead just slowed down and became easy catches for the guys that I D-ed.

Both the discs were "catchable", and I think I should've caught them. To make sure that your disc crashes right into the ground, you need to time your smack, and direct it correctly, and make sure you've enough power in your smack; and you already trying to time your jump, to get to the disc before your opponent! Adding one more level of complexity doesn't really help, does it? Catching is something we are practicing all the time, and when the disc is catchable, I think it's best to let it stick into your hand, instead of trying to smack it down, and failing and giving the opponents a chance to catch the disc.

Ultimate Rob feels the same.

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