A fun drill

Pankaj and I came up with a fun throwing and catching drill, while just fooling around with a couple of discs. Neither of us are very experienced players, and nor was this drill scientifically designed. We just stumbled upon it, but it seems like it'll help improve a few things in our game. Read on.


  • a couple of discs
  • some place where you can throw the disc around (10-15 yards X 4-6 yards, atleast)
  • yourself and a partner
  • the desire to have some fun!

How does it work?

You and your partner stand about 5 yards apart, or any distance at which you want to improve your throwing/catching. You start with one person, throwing a backhand and the other person flicking forehand. Both of you throw the disc at the same time, and try to throw so that the discs collide mid-air, and then try to catch the disc your partner has thrown at you. Once you catch the disc, throw it back, as quickly as possible. After a few throws, you switch the throwing side (forehand-backhand). Repeat for as long as you are having fun! I never tried it, but trying it with hammers might be super-fun!

Benefits of the drill

  • By trying to get the two discs to collide, you try to consistently get your disc to travel along the same trajectory, effectively trying to repeat the same throw. The consistency of your throws improves, given that you have already got your basic technique right.
  • With your partner and yourself throwing discs at the same time, this drill hopefully helps you get rid of the habit of watching your own throws. You could possibly improvise and modify the drill a little to get each other to take a few steps in a specific direction, to get used to moving your feet immediately after releasing the disc.
  • Since you are quickly throwing and releasing, you don't really have much time to "think" about your throwing or catching. Once you have done enough of other drills to get a proper catching or throwing technique, this drill will help you do it subconsciously, instead of thinking about getting it right. I find this quite helpful.
  • Also, trying to catch the disc after it hits the disc that you threw, hopefully teaches you to react quickly, and get used to catching wobbly discs that have been knocked around by your defenders.
  • Finally, this drill is a lot more fun, than other throwing and catching drills, I've been introduced to, until now.
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